Ghana, West Africa


Every summer since 1962 the Canadian Teacher’s Federation (CTF) has been sending over fifty Canadian volunteer teachers from across the country to twelve countries in the developing world.

The stated goals are:

  • To help teachers in developing countries upgrade their competence through in-service courses.
  • To help overseas teacher organizations improve and strengthen their capacity and services to members.
  • To support long term projects designed to strengthen quality, publicly funded education.
  • To promote understanding and goodwill among teachers.

We are there to help facilitate the courses of the local teachers and to help to train our co-tutors who can continue delivering the in services after we leave.

Teachers from across Canada can apply for this program. I have been lucky enough to have been selected the last three years. I went to St. Vincent and the Grenadines in 2013, Ghana in 2014 and this summer I will return to work in a different region of Ghana. We travel in groups of 4 and live and work together for the summer. This year I have three teachers with me. I have a woman from Alberta who works in a school in a Hutterite community, a man from Yellowknife and a woman from Baffin Island! Talk about diversity and different experiences.


Last year in Ghana I saw first hand the need the schools have for basic resources and supplies, especially the rural and remote schools. One of the Canadian participants brought $500 dollars with her that her school raised to donate to a school. I saw how much that money could buy in Ghana and how much it was appreciated by the teachers of the selected school. They were provided with basic readers, math texts, writing and notebooks, slates, pencils, markers, erasers, math manipulatives and chalk. It is impossible to buy all of that in Canada and carry it to Ghana, it simply weighs too much. By buying the resources in Ghana not only do we get more bang for our buck, but we are supporting local manufacturers and suppliers.

With this in mind, I approached the Lescon School Council about running a fundraiser to help support a school in Ghana. I was very pleased with the response, suggestions and offers of help. Jeff Nichol has offered to create a flyer to inform the Lescon community. It should be going out early this week.  And Sham Srigobind has created this webpage ( ) where he will post some of my photos and the rationale for the project.

I also presented the idea to the Lescon staff and they are also interested in supporting the project. Ms. Wei offered the help of the Lescon Leaders and the Toonie Cookie sale that they were about to undertake. So happily I am going to proceed.

With Mr. Perri’s support I am going to present an information session and slideshow to the students of Lescon. I will present it to three groups: to the kindergartens, the primary students and the junior students. In this way as the students enjoy the delicious ice cream cookies they will be aware that they are helping a needy school on the other side of the Atlantic. In addition they will be educated about the diversity of the global community and huge disparity of conditions in schools worldwide.

My goal is to match or better the $500 raised last year. If anyone wants to make an additional cash donation to this cause I know the teachers in Ghana would be very appreciative.

Thank you for your support, yours sincerely,

Mr. Jarrett


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